What is Electro?

Welcome to “erotic electrostimulation”, sometimes known as “electroplay” or “electrosex”.

Moving beyond lubes, toys, and costumes onto the next sensory level by throwing electricity into the mix, this form of high-tech play is all the buzz. Gadgets toys and tinglers that bring electricity in between the sheets span a huge range: electrified butt plugs, cock rings and masturbatory sleeves for the lads, eggs, g-spot probes and Kegel balls for the girls, nipple clamps for both, and—increasingly popular—“e-stim” kits that turn both partners into part of an electrical circuit via electrodes and sticky pads.

The sensation–a shivering, tingly tickle–is wholly different from that of a vibrator or any other everyday sex toy. The human nervous system operates via tiny electrical signals. These toys just tap into that natural biological currency by stimulating the networks that already course throughout your body, triggering powerful sensory outputs—putting the “charge” into “discharge,” so to speak.

You might be reading this and thinking, “Well, I’m not interested in pain with my pleasure,” but electro sex isn’t actually about inflicting or receiving pain. The lower settings of many electro sex toys deliver sensations so faint you barely feel a tingle.

For a beginner, we recommend starting off small but there a few key elements to each kit. You’ll need a handful of things to get started. The most important is the main power source to conduct electricity to your attachments.